Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Well we have been flat out! Such a lot to see and so much research to do to find it all!
We were in NY camped at Battle Row campground on Long Island from Thursday night to Sunday night inclusive. We took the train from Farmingdale to Penn Station in Manhattan each day and didn't return to our tent till about 10 each night,  Its just another city really, but a BIG one! 

The 9/11 memorial on the Twin Towers site is very moving. Very still! There are two huge ponds with water falling into the foundations of each tower. The area of the site is 8ac, the ponds are huge. The water falls are 30 feet high right round the perimeter of each hole. There is another hole in the center where the water disappears. All the names of the victims are inscribed around the edge. The place was packed! Must be the most visited attraction in USA! The statue of Liberty was smaller than I thought it aught to be! We went round it but not up inside. 

The Rockefella Centre is a big shopping complex and would be the delight of some of my friends who will remain nameless. We did go to Maceys in Manhattan and David did buy a nice Ralph Lauren Polo vest!! Looks just like a Thomas Cook job. Proofed cotton outer but a bit more trim!

On the train into town on the first day we met Linda. She helped us sort some things to do and subsequently we were invited to her home for Bagel an lox on Sunday morning. We went along and had a great morning with Linda and her sister.

Central Park is beautiful and was very busy on Sunday. Lots of buskers and music.  

A very impressive group of break dancers and gymnasts.The Guggenheim Gallery was smaller than I thought it would be and only 2 of the 5 floors were open so that was a bit of a let down. 

Carriage Rides in Central Park

We didn't notice lots of security around the city, but the cops we did see were very friendly and helpful.

The subway is pretty antiquated and the trains are fairly old. They still have ticket inspectors!!
Monday We drove East along Long Island to Orient at the end of the North Fork and caught a car ferry to Connecticut New London. 

Bit of driving up the coast.. North.... Now we are in New Bedford. Big whaling Center. Biggest fleet of Yankee whalers in the 1800s. Spent some time with the curator Michael who is married to an Aussie and has on display in the Museum, a piece of skrimshaw done by an Albany guy called ? Tomkin. It is a depiction of the incident where Ches Stubbs got his leg whipped off by a whale harpoon rope off Albany aboard one of the Cheynes Chasers. New Bedford Museum is very good and has an awesome collection if scrimshaw. Took all afternoon. We are now camped at a lovely State Park called Shawme Cornell. The ferry's to Marthas Vinyard and Nantucket Isl. We will probably not go though because it's an expensive tourist joint and we are running out of time to get north to view the leaves changing we are Leaf Peepers!! It's the time the leaf peepers come out to play! 

The architecture is amazing and the old New England style homes and mansions are absolutly stunning. Prices are pretty Darn good too. Water front homes 3 story colonial with jetty $600k amazing! And the list goes on!

Another weekender.
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