Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Back to Alexandria as base camp for adventure into DC. Judith and Bobs hospitality going to be impossible to beat and their home is only 10 minutes from a Park and Ride Metro station so it's easy to get to the big smoke from the apparent isolation of their place. No camping here and being fed like angels

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First cab off the rank was the National Museum of the American Indian. This Museum really needs a prelude because it's major focus is on treaties and the current situation. We felt we didn't get enough grounding. Perhaps the National History of America Museum or something would have been better first. The building is stunning and the Restaurant is great.

Day two we spent at the Smithsonian Museum of Space and Flight. Huge. Amazing.....

Tuesday made tracks to Elk Neck where we have camped 2 nights previously and it was again a nice camp. The squirrels dropped stuff on the roof early so we had a fairly early departure ... For us. We were on the road by 9 had to do phone recharge and stopped for a picnic by a river in some tiny town. Came sort of along the New Jersey coastline. 

Wednesday nite at Allaire state park in NewJersey.  Thursday saw an early start north. Lots of toll ways and lots of traffic. At one point we had seven lanes in each direction. All went well in till the George Washington Bridge which is double story affair and has lots of roads on and off splitting in every direction! Our Google lady couldn't keep up and we ended up getting in the wrong place...Hair raising!  But after a few tense minuits and a quick re route we were off again in the general direction of North! 

Once the pressure was off we stopped for coffee and decided to go back n do it all again! Found a camp ground right on Long Island and headed back into the fray! We achieved touchdown without further incident. Sheesh! Only about 3 hrs driving but we were stuffed when we arrived here.

Long Island at a Battle Row Campground, tenting for the next 4 nights. Cheapest accommodation in NY I recon... $25 per night! We will go to the city center for the next four days to explore.  That should be about all we can handle!!

We will catch a train in, it takes about 1 hour we are told. The station is 10 min drive from the camp ground. 

The leaves are starting to turn and it's getting cooler so we will head a little bit further north east after NY then start making our way south again or we will freeze in the tent!

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