The Little Guy Coffee Expresso
If you demand excellence in coffee look no further. Taipan purchased this Little Guy and we love it. The one thing we missed sailing was good coffee. This device just goes on the gas stove and pronto.... coffee.

Taipans Otto (Name Changed to Little Guy)
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EasiYo Yoghurt Maker

 The yoghurt maker is simple, power free and takes about 12 to 24 hours to make a litre of delicious yoghurt. 
Just boil the kettle, fill the thermos to the correct level. Place the sachet of yoghurt of your choice mixed with cold tap water into the jar and place in the Thermos. That is all there is to it. 
Hint..If the yoghurt is reaching its use by date i sometime add the contacts of an Acidophillus capsule.
The yoghurt is available in many flavours and there is an ice cream version as well. The unit retails for about $35 US.


Taipans Wonderbag is indispensable. Wonderbag Link. This simple slow cooker cuts cooking times therefore saving gas and trips to the have the bottles refilled. Terry Lee our diver in Cape Town introduced me to this great product. I can only suggest you check out the website and decide for yourself. If you are wanting to keep the boat cool in the tropics or make great warming comfort food in the colder climes this is the tool for your boat.

The Wonderbag site also has some great recipes for starters.

I use a pressure cooker to speed up the preparation but any pot will do. Throw everything in as per your favourite Slow Cooker Recipe and bring to pressure for 8 to 12 min. depending on amount. Then simply bag it and leave it to sit for up to 5 hrs. It will still be hot enough to eat but I usually re heat and reduce and finish off on the stove top. To get started with recipes I checked out the website recipe book.
My latest coup with the bag is jam and Marmalade. I just prepared as usual, bought it to the boil with about half a cup of water then bagged it overnight. Done. In the morning I bought it to the boil again, threw in the sugar and boiled for 15 Minuit then bottled. Saved hours of slow cooking and stirring on the stove top.

A must have aboard Taipan. Everyone just loves warm fresh crusty bread.

We are on our second machine and we choose our machines according to the space available in the cupboard. Our current machine is a Sunbeam.
The captain will probably start up with the objection "we don't have enough power available" end of discussion! This galley wench just doesn't buy that line.
A bread maker only uses significant power during the final 3/4 hour of the 3 hour cycle. The bulk of the time is spent without any power draw as it will be proving the dough or occasionally kneading it. 
We have a 1000w pure sine wave inverter and the bread maker uses approximately 40 amps for several seconds at a time during the cooking cycle. It runs very comfortably off the inverter. It is also possible to plan so the the heavy usage is during generator or motoring time.
In the tropics it saves heating the boat up as the oven is well insulated and tiny as opposed to the gas stove. Most boat stoves are very poorly insulated and the gas consumption will be high with bread results unpredictable. The captain will be off with the empty gas bottle seeking refills regularly or you will learn to live without bread.
Bread Makers come with various other functions among which include cake function. Not being big cake eaters this one is for you, the reader, to experiment with. I do make a nice fruit loaf in mine. Easy and delicious.
You are only limited by your imagination once you have mastered the basics. Banana bread, Fruit breads and rolls. Rolls need to be baked in a regular oven. They do take less time to bake so an oven is reasonably practical for this purpose.

The Vacuum Sealing Machine aboard Taipan is the second of its kind. Again the brand is a Sunbeam.

Our Sunbeam unit is very specific about the Hz and voltage input. It must be steady 240V and 50Hz. It it is too low it will fail to properly heat seal.

These small domestic machines with their plastic suction pump pistons are not happy long term if you use it to vacuum powdery products like cereals of flour. I think the small particles cause excessive wear in the chamber and will shorten the life of the machine by reducing its sucking ability. i believe this was the cause of the failure of our earlier unit.
Wash them well in soapy water then spray neat bleach inside. Roll up tightly for an hour or so then rinse and dry.
I cut the bags large, about 350mm or 1+ foot  long then they gradually get shorter with each use.
Freezing the bags shortens their life. They are often holed in the the freezer by the action of other products rubbing on them. I freeze only bags which don't properly seal or use cheap freezer bags.

All our meat requirements are vacuum sealed for long life. There are some steps you need to take in preparation if you wish to maximize the length of time. We purchase meat for longer periods in bulk. Around 3 to 6 months supply at a time.

All chicken meat should be treated before sealing for longer life. Breast fillets will need to be blanched. Minced and diced meat should be par cooked. It will keep in this form for up to 3 months in the refrigerator.
I usually bake several while chickens at a time in a turkey oven bag in the BBQ. Cool overnight and disassemble, discarding all the bones and and unwanted fat and skin as desired. The meat is formed into a roll in the bag and sealed. The result is a delicious chicken roll suitable for slicing for sandwiches or wraps, or it can be crumbled in salads. It will keep for up to 6 months in the refrigerator.

Pork will keep satisfactorily for up to 2 months in the fridge without  blanching or pre-treatment  however blanching pre- treatment will guarantee longer life

I purchase beef strip fillet in the commercial vacuum wrap and process it later into a voyage as the beef will keep longest. After I open the commercial vacuum seal I will immediately re vacuum into portions. These will keep a couple more months.
Bring a large pot of water to the boil. Add a generous spoon of salt. Place the pieces of meat, poultry, pork, fish etc, piece by piece into the boiling water for several seconds and then remove and drain. This process is suitable for meat cuts such as chicken breast, pork loin steaks and fish fillets. Ie. larger pieces of meat.
For cubes, strips or mince you will need to fry lightly.


 The newest addition to the galley. Tired of lugging bottles of Soda and Tonic we purchased the Soda Stream, 3 bottles, 2 more large gas canisters and some syrups. So far so good. We are impressed. Captain Hook is experimenting with the mix for Sparkling "Shiraz". Being Australians this is one of our favorite summer tipples but quite difficult and verging on impossible to buy it in the USA. Well I can report we are enjoying his experiments. More info when we get the proportions sorted. Suffice to say it is possible to aireate wine in a soda stream!


1/4 cup cocoa
1/4 cup Coconut oil
2 to 3 T spoons Maple Syrup
4 heap tsp coconut flour
1T sp coconut milk powder
Dates well mushed up.

The almonds I put through my seed mill. Like a coffee grinder. You could use them chopped but the point of the fillers is to fill more pans and they melt less quickly

Mix all ingredients
Makes one tray 16 chocolates

Also try  instant or espresso coffee and Orange marmalade.
Ginger amt... See photo.
Coarse salt approx I t spoon
Chille 1 dried chopped fine.
Put them in the fridge till hard then turn them into a plastic box for easy storage
Have a play and share results!
Good luck