Monday, 13 October 2014


North after Cape Cod, inland through Conrad we drove  for 2 Taipan days to get to the White  Mountains. Franconia Notch Campground. A Taipan day involves every back road and laneway......And no freeways. It was beautiful but freezing overnight, down to minus 4 deg. Seems everyone is going south, especially the geese and the campers.  We are still going north today another two days stooging Taipan style .....we went searching for moose. Found lots of tracks but no moose so far. Trip to LL Cote in Errol for some serious warm clothes. Man! The Guns! What a display! It's hunting season just started and the store was busy. Probably all the moose gone for cover as trophy hunters abound. The moose are a rootin an the hunters are a shooting! David had his picture took by a lassie who'd never seen an Australian before!! It's very outback up here. Drills for drilling holes in ice to catch fish. Snow mobiles. Huge piles of firewood. The campground at Deer Farm Campground just north of Kingfield Maine, is almost abandoned. Beautiful leaves, amazing colors. 

Sunday and we headed south east East through some cow country, but mostly poor and abandoned places or for sale. No work up this way. Properties for $ 20k up.  Fall Color still lovely. On the coast now near Ellsworth, Maine. We have booked for 2 nights to take a look around.