Saturday, 18 October 2014

MAINE SOUTH 18th October 2014

We accidentally stumbled into the Bentley Bikers Bar Campground on a Saturday night! It was getting late and the State Parks were closed. We decided to stay in spite of the hundred or so bikes parked out the front. After pitching the tent came we wandered down to the Bar. The music was good and the bar was packed. Not much sleep happening! The bikes were working out all night, just outside our tent. We recon there were a few headaches in the morning. The bar puts on a Sunday Breakfast and it is buffet style. This breakfast  made up for the total lack of sleep. The bonus was a shared table at breakfast with a lovely couple who live in Kenerbunkport and we now have new best friends in Ki and Bill.

Kennerbunkport is a pretty place with one of the few ocean front drives on the entire coast. There are some very large mansions set on headlands and vast grounds. Allegedly the playground of the rich and famous for a few weeks in the summer. Most of the coast is privately owned so you can't drive along the foreshore! We were also able to follow the coast some way next day south towards Boston.


Dropped into Boston to see the old Naval Vessel USS Constellation No luck. It's being worked on this week so it's closed to the public.  A visit to Faneuil Market instead but didn't really need to shop so moved on south to the Cape Cod Peninsular. 
Someone's summer weekender for sale

Tuesday we drove out the Cape Cod Peninsular. It's Roughly 100km from the Cape Cod Canal which cuts through from Cape Cod Bay to Buzzards Bay. Province Town at the very end of the peninsular is the first site in the US where the Mayflower anchored. The Pilgrims aboard first set foot in the New World at Provincetown. They only stayed briefly, realizing quickly that there is no fresh water. Province Town was a pleasant surprise. It's very cramped, with tiny streets and lots of shopping for tourists. There are more galleries here per kilometer than anywhere we've ever been before. It's obviously a very busy destination in the summer but right now it's pleasant even when its drizzling.
So many neat houses in Maine! So cheap!

We stopped at a neat little cottage, overlooking the ocean for the night  and caught up on lost sleep in comfort and warmth. It is getting very cold at night. The leaves are still great and several locals have told us that they are the best they have ever seen.