Saturday, 18 October 2014

MAINE MID COAST 17th October

We have done over 5000 miles and we have had to put in a litre of oil. There is an annoying electrical problem.......twice now.... Without reason the battery has discharged. We started the car this morning.... Drove a hundred meters... Went for a shower... Came back.... Flat battery!!... Weird! There is room for another battery so well buy one as a spare!! Minor problem we can always use batteries! A nice man from the national park bought his car along an jump leads and started us this am.

This hen of the wood mushroom was a whopper

The leaf color is still lovely down here as its a bit later than where we were. 44deg N our furthest north.

The Moose are eluding us. They get some sort of tick which causes them to scratch off their fur, then they freeze to death in winter so numbers are down. They still hunt moose for meat and heads to hang on the wall! There is also a referendum coming to try to stop bear baiting and trapping. They call it hunting to bait bears with food then trap them and shoot them!! The two camps are strongly opposed to each other. Don't ask me how that could be called hunting!!
Gun shops are amazing.

As we headed south we came upon we sort of got stopped again ... So many interesting boat yards an ship builders an harbour masters to talk too! Lovely old houses and nice coffee

Good lobster too. We ended up camping there 3 nights. Our longest stop to date bar New York. A Shaker furniture showroom and workshop caught my eye just north of Lincoln so we went back to vistit. Windsor Chairmakers.  

Huge old barn with people making handmade chairs and tables mostly ...but lots of stuff. The Two farm houses have been joined together and added to with a lovely big exhibition space at the back also filled with their furniture.  So many beautiful timbers to work with.

Camden was a really nice little town with great artsy atmosphere, a nice little town dock and very nice restaurants and very friendly people.  

Rockland. Very near to Camden.

From Camden we Stooged south another 100 odd km to a campground near Freeport Maine. Tomorrow we will explore Bath. 

For Sale for around $250,000. So Cheap here.