Friday, 7 September 2012


Left Rodreguis on Thursday afternoon and into Mauritius, 340NM, Arrived Saturday afternoon 8th September

19'39"S 062'47"E wind 10/12k sea 1.5m speed 7.5k @UTC 4.35pm
The winds look pretty strong tomorrow we'll have to shorten the main a bit although we are hooking along quite well now 7.5-8.0k
Had bagget with thinly sliced lightly fried chook tit, french bacon (nice), tommato, cheese, lettuce ..Me cook tonight with local grapes and chocolate for dessert.. full now!

(They left on Wednesday but had to return shortly after when hoisting the main the sail tore to the bolt rope about a meter from the head! Spent the night sewing it together on the deck under lights.)
Big thanks to Contrails who made a dingy available to save them having to re inflate and re launch the Taipan dingy.
19'34"S 060'03"E seas crappy 3/4m speed 8/8.5 K wind 30+K  At about 9pm WA time.
Hi! quick one, wet & windy, about 120nm to go, should be in by late arvo
8.00 Am WA time Saturday 8th
About 50 nm to go. We'll be there about midday. Wind down a bit, still crappy, in wet weather gear, every thing wet. Sail doing well, boat doing well, we OK

Were in!.  We wooped a 65' yacht AND we averaged 7.8kts + for  2 days including being reefed down for a gentleman's cruise ( our top sustained speed (not a GPS fluke speed) aws 13.7)