Sunday, 2 September 2012

CALM WATER and a LEVEL GALLEY 2nd September

Good'morning (4.00am your time)

Did 3 loads of washing Jon's a good laundry wench, hanging the washing etc quite hard in 25kt winds
The poor buggers out there have got up to 30kt winds and we missed their sched we were on Contrails. Pilot,s doing pilot talk and forgot.. bad!
Georges FF caught a big spanish mackerel 2m long. He brought some over to us. I like him even though he is a FF.  We cooked it for tea, a cutlet, very nice too.
Went ashore looking for internet, luck. Barbara off Contrails cant get connected either ..try again tomorrow otherwise phone.
Today the locals have a dance and local music. Rastafariane style. Sounds like fun, you'd like this place.
Got some veges and eggs, no meat, from market. Have to wait till Monday
Might have to wait for a few days before leaving. Seas are big.