Wednesday, 19 September 2012

MAURITIUS 16th September

I flew into Mauritius from Perth on Sunday 16th of September, to join David on Taipan. He had a hire car so we did a couple of short day trips round the island from the anchorage in Grand Bai
Port Louis
It sugar, sugar everywhere. Reminds me of a cross between Andaman Islands ans Indonesia. Quite cold though. Have had to break out the blanket!

My time in Perth was spent with my Mum and Dad trying to help them through a health crisis. Mum is very unwell and receiving Chemo and Radiation treatment for Breast Cancer. Diagnosed at 84! Don't stop the Breast Scans girls! She was told they are not necessary after 65.

Dad has big problems with Carpal Tunnel in his wrists. Very painful, and surgery hasn't been at all successful so far. 6 weeks later! Warning.. Get the surgery done sooner rather than later if you ever get this problem!

We are planning to go to Port Louis today to clear out for Reunion Island and leave tomorrow. It's a 140NM passage, so an overnight run. Weather is supposed to be moderating. 

Plan after that is a little uncertain but we will be leaving Taipan somewhere to go back to Australia to continue helping out with the folks. Maybe we will make the dash... Long hop to Durban and fly back from there.

We will see what Reunion brings, but if we stay there we are committed to Africa until 2014! Not a really welcome thought.

Up to a throw of the dice and the vagaries of the weather

Some photos from Mauritius