Friday, 6 January 2012

LIFE IN A BUBBLE December 2011

Plastic and tape...painting job.
We are tucked up back aboard Taipan in Yacht Haven marina Phuket, albeit inside a big plastic bubble with paint fumes. Our painter permitted us to go aboard to kick out 2011 and welcome in 2012. We had a quiet night aboard for the first night in three and a half months. It was midst a fug of mold and closed up boat smell that we savored a good bottle of red and toasted the incoming year. Couldn't find the champs but no matter! The red worked well and we awoke  on new years day with a shocker head just to remind us were not quite up to all the partying we used to do.

We flew out of Australia on the 21st only 7 days after the successful completion of Davids treatments. We had a few days each with Annamarie, Michael and Corinne and Andrew and Christine, all of whom spoiled us rotten. Andrew and Christine drove us to the airport and kindly offered to look after our car.
Chris and Mike, sailing friends in Phuket picked us up and welcomed us to their lovely hill mansion overlooking the bay. Several days rest and relaxation and then Xmas chaos reined!. 12 friends  to a wonderful sit down lunch and dinner with all the trimmings. Fabulous day and company and food by the pool with views to Phang Nga Bay.

View to Phang Nga Bay.
We have now settled down to life in the slow lane again...watching paint to dry. David of course cant be slowed down and the ampaphobic is "currently"....pardon the pun... tangled in wires, resistors, relays meters and stuff doing something technical to the fridge and freezer compressors which are apparently confused by the fans!!....??? I cook and clean!

The fridge and freezer were not keen to start when we got back as some old dust in the fans had got damp and they wouldn't start. Suffice to say its all good now the fridge man has been by!

I have banished most of the mold and damp smelly boat smells with concentrated bleach and am now working my way through the cupboards washing stuff.  Cruising life!
We hope to be finished with the paint business in about a week so we can get the boat back together to start the next jobs.....thru hulls and mast....and new engine....sigh. Might as well just slash a hole in all your pockets!!
Thanks to everyone for your support and good cheer during a trying 2011. Looking forward to sailing this year....somewhere...anywhere!