Friday, 3 February 2012

AGROUND! BOAT MAROON.Janurary 27th 2012

New Orca Windlass installation.
The lead up to this haul out has been hectic to say the least. Since we arrived back aboard Taipan on new Years Eve we have had the deck painting completed on schedule and we moved to a "normal" pen from the "work dock" which was a total joy!

The deck and cockpit look great. The new anchor winch was the next project which had to be completed before departure. It took a week or so to get the anchor windlass, deck fittings and gear back on and then we were able to head out towards Boat Lagoon. We had two nights on anchor before the onslaught begins again. When we left the marina all was well until anchor o'clock... suddenly neither of the depths sounders were working so it was back to the trusty string and sinker. 

Dont you just love it when you are motoring gently along on a windless day enjoying a day away from the dock when a big fat stink boat (aka "Moon Sand") comes by at 15 knots and the bow wave is 6 feet high! High enough to put about 200 gal below deck and drench me while um standing on the foredeck trying to shut hatches!!!. Do they use brick designers to design these monstrosities!!!.

Oh well I got the hatches over the chart table shut in time to prevent two computers getting drowned!

Our anchorage was a little exposed because we were being cautious but managed to have a nice couple of days rest. 

Before we left to head in to Boat Lagoon Marina we managed to get the 2 depths sounders working and I loaded the new CMap, Mapmedia derived Charts which were supplied by Furuno as replacements for the Navionics Mapmedia derived charts which we purchased and which were  totally useless. I am very happy to report that the new ones look great. Suddenly we can actually use the Furuno Navnet 3 D plotter!. Just as well because the trusty Garmin which has been with us for 10 years has finally started to get screen failure. How timely!

David had blood tests recently and the medico back in OZ is very pleased with them. He is getting fitter and stronger as each long weary day goes by. His driving is deteriorating!

Since we hauled out for annual maintenance PLUS a few other odd jobs we have been hot sweaty dirty and busy. The mast came out to be repainted and serviced. That's one big and stressful job let me tell you! The painting sanding and repainting is on going and we try to do some on it in the early morning and late afternoon when its a little cooler. Average here is 32deg with 80% to 90% humidity so... yes!... you sweat...not just "glow" let me assure you!
The work begins

We get here to start each morning at about 6.20am and get several hours of shade which is a big incentive for such an early start.

From the other end.
The rest of the day at present is taken up with engine un-installation !! Yes the trusty Volvo MD 30A 65HP is being superseded by a new Yanmar 75HP Turbo. We have agonized over the decision for nearly a year and reluctantly decided to replace it instead of buy a few new parts.  The engine still runs and starts perfectly but some of the peripherals are dying. Starter motor, copper pipes, potentially the main diesel rotary pump may need service...lots of little things which would be easier repaired out of the boat but which added together with the 12,000hrs of great service don't add up financially. In five years it will be a 30 year old engine.  Any way the new engine in here in Phuket and we are awaiting the arrival of Huck... our great friend from OZ who generously offered to come and help with the installation if we went ahead with the purchase. Hes due next week!
We haven't bought a new gear box as it is not so old, so its a bobtail instal....???
Currently we are staying at the Akwaaba Hill Mansion with good friends Mike and Chris who have once again invited us to stay. The boat is not livable...the air con cant work on the hard stand....When Huck arrives we will move into a condo here at the Marina for a couple of weeks before we go SAILING..... hopefully! Thats what were here for after all!!