Sunday, 11 December 2011

ON THE HOME RUN 11th December 2011

The final phase of Davids treatment commences tomorrow and will take about 3 days. He is really well and positive. We are looking forward to getting back to Taipan on the 21st in time for a relaxing Xmas with friends in Thailand. Work aboard is progressing well in our absence.

Michelle and I
We have been fettered and nurtured by all our wonderful friends and family here in WA for the past 3 months. It has been great catching up with everyone. 
Riding with Jean and Margie

Joan, Davids mum, is safely into her new home in Albany which was a huge undertaking for everyone concerned but  we feel sure she will enjoy the new home and the rediscovery of her old home friends.

Spending time with children and grandchildren has been a rare pleasure we have enjoyed more of, on this return trip.

I hope every one has a wonderful Xmas and New Year and that maybe some of you will get the opportunity to join us so we can repay some of the hospitality  we have enjoyed here.

I had a couple of riding opportunities and missed a couple but is was good to get back in the saddle. The season has been long and lush and the view from horseback is always special
I didn't get to ride with my treasured daughter in law, Ferne and the grand daughters but will have to get that happening next year!