Sunday, 23 October 2011


We have been in OZ for over a month now and its been pretty hectic. Firstly there was the round with the medicos and programming for Davids treatment. All the treatment so far seems to be working as planned and the outlook remains good

Our first priority after initial round with doctors was to buy a car of some description. After several days of searching and haggling we bagged a Holden Commodore waggon. Its been great so far. Lots of km but not really old. 7 years. 

Savannaha's first Pony Club Rally on Jane.
We went down to Albany to stay with Kris mum and dad for a couple of weeks and managed to catch up with lots of friends and family. Edna and Colin, Kris's mum and dad, headed off to Bali for a break so we went and  stayed with Kris's son. 

Jason and Ferne, his wife, and two daughters. Helped with the new veranda for a couple of days. Savannah,  4 years, participated in her first Pony Club Rally with her pony Jane. Lily, 12 years, went off to a Gymkhana in Albany with Freckles and swept the field, arriving home with the high point trophy and a bag of loot. Ferne is as busy as ever with horses to be worked or broken-in for number of clients. Jason is getting ready for harvest and a busy hot season ahead, with big crops forecast.

The team. Jason Kerry and David finished laying the retaining blocks for the veranda
Before we returned to Perth we headed off in Edna and Colin's caravan for a grey nomad trial run. I have to say it was a little alarming when we stopped at the Stirling Range Retreat to hear the noises coming from one of the wheels. Not keen on that, David investigated but without a wheel spanner, it was difficult to accurately determine the problem but we soldiered on for a couple more days eventually returning to Jason's without misadventure. Not convinced about caravans though. 

Grey Nomads on the Road
Radiation started on the 13th of October and we have counted off 7 of the 30 treatments today. At the end of the treatment period we plan to go back to Albany for a couple of weeks to recuperate before the hospital and brachytherapy which will involve 4 days in hospital and a spinal block for 3 of those days to enable the treatment to be administered. Not really looking forward to that bit much.

Wild flowers at Cape Riche
On the weekend of the 15th 16th Jason Ferne and Lily met us in Yokine where we helped them to pick up and stack on pallets,  some brick paving they purchased second hand to be transported down to their farm for the new veranda and garage. (23ton, 5300++, 4kg ea , 200sq m.) We were all knackered!!..(..relief to know it was not just the "olds" who were stuffed!!)

This week we spent a couple of nights with Ann-Marie in Fremantle which was fabulous. I had a couple of visits to a specialist to consult on a troublesome shoulder injury I sustained in February, and he has decided that cortisone and exercise with be sufficient. Thankfully no surgery!
23 ton of Paving tiles packed and wrapped for the veranda
Next weekend is the CHOGAM Conference in Perth so we plan to head south again for a few days. Kris's folks are back from Bali, having survived the earthquake there unscathed. Looking forward to their adventure stories. At 83 and 89 years there are sure to be some tales. It is also Colins 89th birthday so we will have to participate in strangling a few rednecks.
Davids mum Joan, is planning to move back to Albany so we are spending quite a lot of time staying with her in Guildford to try to help here sort out the move. A big job at 88!
The picturesque estuary at Cape Riche
Thats it from us for now.