Monday, 14 September 2009


We left Singapore on Sep 9th with about 5 kn on the nose. Thats sailor speak for "we motor-sailed". Arrived in port Dixon Friday 11th
On Saturday we hired a car and drove the 90km to Melacca via the scenic coastal route, getting lost a couple of times along the way for a bit of interest.

Melacca is packed with things to do and see. Its a really old spice trade center with abundant history and great food. We have visited before so this time we just spent wandering the old streets and poking about in the numerous antique and curio shops. There is a huge Mosque on a man made island which has big building development adjacent to it which although almost completed is deteriorating into a ruin. Amazing how many completed and almost completed projects are becoming ruins without ever being inhabited.

As we left town we ventured in the car to the coast where there is a lot of development occurring. Hundreds of barges are bringing tons of sand to reclaim miles of the waterfront for a new free way. 

As we sailed past quite close in on Friday we noticed a lot of new pylons and what appeared to be a wall surrounding a marina. Keen to discover whether one really does exist or may in the future we found the spot we had seen and sure enough. A new Marina!. It has one small yacht inside and the gate keeper gave us a phone number. We think its too shallow for sailboats.

"The Eye on Malaysia", a big ferris wheel is right behind the marian! So you wont miss it!