Tuesday, 29 September 2009

PENANG September 09

Here we come again. We really didn't think we would be in Penang again so soon however its never disappointing to be here. 
The main reason for our return has been a change of plans relating to Taipan interior. 

We did quite a lot of work on Taipan in Phuket and have decided to return to complete the work. Hence back to Phuket via Penang.

Sailing to Penang from port Dixon has been fair with light wind and no rain. We have had little sailing but we did catch a nice mackerel on the final day.

Both David and I have been attending a Dentist here in Penang. Its still an unpleasant experience but the up side is that the service is a lot cheaper and quicker than Australia. The dentist is very good and previous work has been very satisfactory. We have 2 more appointments each but will take the ferry from Langkawi to Penang for those. We had planned to depart Penang on the 30th however weather hasn't been favourable so we have delayed. We have a few things to do in Langkawi before sailing to Phuket

Its always good to catch up with old friends and Egress 11 were in port so we spent time with Jack and Norma which is always a delight.

Graham from Quiet Achiever has returned from a tour of east coast Malaysia and we have caught up with him also for several excellent Indian dinners.

On Sunday morning we made the supreme effort to arise early and walk to the E&O Hotel for a fabulous buffet breakfast. A "must do" in Penang

Little Penang Street market which only happens monthly was on last Sunday so we were lucky to catch that and strolled enjoying the crafts and music after breakfast. I bought a fabulous piece of cloth, once the pelmet cover in a Chinese shop house somewhere. Its old and battered but will provide endless hours of creative entertainment for me.

Hitori and Machiko friends from Penang invited us to yet another stunning Japanese meal in their home.

We were in for a pleasant surprise one evening when during the course of our delicious vegetarian meal at Sri Annanda Bawan we were delighted to discover that the last day of the Festival to honour the Goddess Mariamman. This village goddess is considered the root or body of the village and Tamil Nadu people almost universally revere this goddess. In Penang the goddess was displayed in an ornate wagon shrine into which 2 Brahman bulls were harnesses to parade the goddess thru the streets of Georgetown. At the Indian shops and houses the procession stopped to bless offerings which were returned to their owners. Accompanying the procession were a troupe of dancers and musician. The Indian women and girls were dressed in the most vibrant and beautiful saris. The night was really exciting and everyone was friendly and keen to share information on the event.

More Photos of Thaipusam in Penang 09