Sunday, 16 August 2009

TOM PRICE July 2009

On the 24th of July we finally downed tools and headed to Parabadoo on a Qantas flight. Tim and Vanessa were there to meet us and we drove the 80 km to Tom Price where they live and work.
Spectacular weather and clear clear skies...and air for those of you in Asia! Its a long time since we were in this area and its easy to forget just how beautiful it is. The flora is extraordinary in its diversity of colour and texture. Flowers abound but are often small and delicate. We drove to Karnjini where the gorges provided great photographic opportunity. It was too cold to swim in the crystal clear pools at the bottom.

We were only there for four days but they were each filled with new and spectacular sights. The mine tour of Rio Tinto proved interesting in the immensity of the endeavour. Tim and Vanessa both work for Rio and have lived in Tom Price for nearly 2 years now.

On the 28th of July we were winging our way south again with a camera full of pics and some great memories. Thanks Tim and Vanessa.

Next leg will be the flight back to Singapore to pick up Taipan