Monday, 20 August 2007


The Thai visa system is almost unfathomable. We had a 60 day visa from Penang which we were able to extend for the cost of 1900Tb per person to 90 days but when this runs out we need to leave the country again.

Myanmar is the destination of choice for most ex pats as its only half a days drive north and the whole business can be conducted in just one day. You need to leave early though!

We left at 5.30am with Mike and Chris from Akwaaba. The rain was unrelenting and several towns along the road were suffering minor flooding from blocked drains. On a couple of occasions we had to take to the wrong side of the road for some distance to negotiate the flood waters. Its not unusual in Thailand to encounter vehicles on the wrong side of the road though so that didn't cause too much anxiety. We arrived at Immigration at around 10am and then having been processed we went to catch the boat across the river. The only fine weather for the day was during that crossing, in both directions, so it was a pleasant run. Being the "off season" we were well attended by local Burmese wanting to sell us... Viagra mostly... maybe it was our age! Anyway we bought local rum and had our stamps in and out attended to. Chris purchased a couple of pretty lacquer ware trays then we were hurried onto the boat and back to Thailand. Re entry is straight forward 90 day entry permit. Then back in the car and back to Phuket. Finished and home by 500pm.

I think its all something to do with tourism and frankly its more fun to take 2 days and enjoy the adventure. Next time we will spend a night in Myanmar. Its apparently possible to spend 3 nights there as part of this entry however you are not permitted to travel out of Victoria Point and as its a fairly small place 3 nights would probably be too long