Monday, 4 June 2007


Our Penang trip finally happened after a hiccup with flights. Our original flight was cancelled, we suppose, due to lack of interest, as the next day when we did fly there were only 9 passengers!

On arrival at Cathay Hotel in George Town we presented our passports to the desk so they could do our Thai visa renewal. Very good service as the taxis and inconvenience is more than covered in their fee. The Hotel, no longer the grand facility it no doubt once was, is still spacious clean, air-conditioned and the beds upstairs are the best we’ve slept in since home! Never mind the towels, best to bring your own as theirs are rather small and thin, and the hot water? Well you don’t really need it in the climate!

 On our first visit to our favourite Indian restaurant we were astonished to discover when we went to settle that we had been shouted to dinner by a friendly Indian man named Dav who had sat to chat with us. That’s Penang! Dav also recommended Kashmiri Restaurant for David birthday dinner. The Kasmiri proved excellent and we had a thoroughly good night with Jon and Pam from Tweed who flew from Langkawie to celebrate with us and to spend a few days recovering from their very heavy work schedule.

The rest of the week involved a lot of walking around Little India and Georgetown exploring the north coast by local bus, and mostly partaking of the excellent local cuisine.

With renewed visas and refreshed bodies we have returned to Phuket and the hectic life of boat repairs and alterations.


While we were in Penang, Jason and Ferne presented us with our first grandchild. Savannah Jade, born on 22nd May in Mt Barker WA.
Now a little bigger Photo 10th August