Saturday, 25 August 2007


Six months on and we are still in Yacht Haven Marina on the north eastern tip of Phuket Island. Thailand. We have been working solidly but as anyone with a boat project knows..... it all takes time.

David has become quite the cabinet maker. Amazing what you find out doing the demolition work. Suddenly all is revealed and the task doesn’t seem so daunting. Now with the deconstruction complete and the “making good” period also behind us, we are finally well into the reconstruction phase!

Out with the third cabin and in with a Laundry - Shed and new “Garage” out the back! The hot water system & batteries now re located under the No 2 cabin bunk to make way for an automatic washing machine and small freezer under a new work bench with cabinets for tools and other shed paraphernalia.

The new “garage” is accessible from the cockpit for storage of bikes, air conditioner, (which we might just keep a while longer!) Spare sails anchors ropes and Jerry Cans.

My contribution has been primarily chief veneer replacer!. Water damaged teak has been renewed. I have replaced the veneer on the front of the Chart Table with the good captains help and now the varnish is going on there. I have removed a drawer to make way for our computer mini tower.

There have also been modifications to the companionway. We have lost 3 steps. Access is much improved as a result. Work is almost complete now just varnish and some teak trims to go.

At the beginning of July we moved into the marina managers house. While we house kept for Munchie, Nick and Zara's cat, we also took the opportunity to varnish the floors. We used Epiphane and although the drying time is a good 24 hours it was worth the trouble. It looks good after 5 coats and will improve when the final 3 coats to go on in Rebak in September.

A word of warning about Thai paints!.... they are generally substandard and we know of more than one case of the varnish just "falling off"!! Buy your own and make sure its an imported brand!
In the end I am sure it will have all been worth the discomfort and inconvenience with a much more user friendly and comfortable boat.

Noi and Ham. Young men from Marleys workshop at Yacht Haven Marina. Excellent cabinet makers who came to help us with the fine woodwork.