Tuesday, 28 July 2015


Recovering from jet lag! Mum on the mend again.
Have been frantically getting ready to haul out.

Tuesday 28th July. hauled and washed... let the fun begin

Well the haul-out took a week and we had a reasonably leisurely time of it considering we did anti-foul and modifications to the stern tube flange. The heat was manageable because we jagged some decent weather over the weekend for below waterline work. The hull was pretty clean and a quick wet and dry saw it fit to paint. I put a bit of red lippy.... boot stripe for the yachties..... on the waterline. looks pretty.

All pretty in Red lippy.
Taipan was re-launched on the 4th of August and on the 5th at 3am we departed Fernandina for Savannah. Spent the night and the following day at Daufuskie Island Savannah before weather moderated in the late afternoon and we headed out towards Hatteras. It was a struggle!. The wind and current fought us the whole way and we finally gave up on Monday morning and headed into Beaufort, North Carolina. We were going to miss a suitable weather window for the notorious cape by 6 hours. We followed the radar images of the forecast storm the following day and were relieved we stopped. Followed Chris Parker's advice! Well done team! It would have been very unpleasant off Virginia Beach and in the entrance to Chesapeake had we continued.

Next we had to find a spot to leave Taipan and drive to Alexandria in Virgina to meet my brother and Jo before they headed back to Australia after touring the east coast in our trusty Cadillac. We put Taipan on a dock at Bock Marine and drove to Alexandria on Tuesday. We stayed with darling cousin Judith and husband Bob, for 4 nights full of fine food and family frivolity. More trips into Washington and a couple more of the Smithsonian Museums ticked off. We had fabulous weather and a great time. 

Return to Taipan on Sunday was arduous, with the terrible traffic it added 4 hours to the trip. Uuugh!.