Monday, 29 June 2015


We left the Bahamas in a hurry on the 5th May as we had news that my mother was failing fast after deciding to give up all medication. The trip took us up the Exuma chain and out into the Tongue of the Ocean near Nassau. Then we went north around the Berries and on to West End for fuel. We had little wind and contrary current and had to motor more than we would have liked. Then the run up the Gulf Stream elevator and into Fernandina Beach was uneventful and without fish. We were on a plane back to OZ on the 13th with Taipan tied up in Tiger Point Marina once again.

We did have a visit from some little bird, apparently well known to frequent sailboats for a free ride on this coast. They were completely unafraid of us and helped themselves down below to water and a good look about. They stayed the night and left next morning.