Saturday, 22 February 2014

ST LUCIA 22nd Feb 2014

We have been in the Caribbean for a month now and there is still a lot to see. 

After Grenada we went to Curricoau just to the north and had a pleasant stay in Tyrrel Bay. We left there for Union Island where we anchored in Frigate Island anchorage  and cleared in before going out to Tobago Cays. It was pretty disappointing with lots of boats, fabulous visibility underwater but nothing to see. There are turtles there which are quite cute.

Bequie was next port of call and a frustrating time was had trying to download charts for the dreaded Furuno plotter. It turned into a bit of a saga over the net week or so. Managed to nail it in Rodney Bay Marina in St Lucia. We had to go into the marina to get a decent  wifi signal.

St Lucia is volcanic in origin as are most  of the Caribbean islands. 

Yesterday we took a guided tour of the island well only the west coast because its impossible i think to drive round the whole island in a day. The roads leave a lot to be desired and the terrain is precipitous. Its very tropical and the highlight was the Botanical Garden established in the 1700s when it was gifted by Napoleon to a local french family. It has lovely cool walks through very lush and varied flora, including many of the spectacular Ginger family.

The little towns along the coast are full of tourists as the Cruise liners all pull up here disgorging thousands of tourists daily.

The internet continues to be very deficient throughout the area so photo updates are going to be slow coming.

Anchorages are very crowded and the weather has been questionable but we have enjoyed the company of some great yacht crews, among them, Silver Fern, Contrails, Summer Wind, and Harmony. Tonight we will set off for Tortola in the British Virgin Island group and farewell our friends here until another day.

St Lucia Photos