Wednesday, 5 February 2014


George Town
Grenada Tour with Contrails last weekend was great fun. We picked up the car and were upgraded from a small old Toyota Corolla to a Toyota 8 seater right hand drive bus. Very comfortable for the 4 of us. It was a little nerve wracking initially having no driver… they drive on the left here but the car being right hand drive, had David as passenger in the drivers seat with no steering or brakes! 

We drove right round the island and saw the leap where the last of the local inhabitants were driven over the cliffs by the french colonizers and then to a Rum factory and distillery which was established way back in the 1700s. The press used to crush the sugar cane is original and still working fine. 

The local work boats racing on Grand Anse Beach which was fantastic colorful, fun filled afternoon in a spectacular setting on a stunning beach. 

We have been to a Dingy Concert which involves a band playing on a barge and the audience arrives in their dingy's and tie off to drink rum.  

The Concord water fall for lunch on  Sunday was pleasant  change from the heat with cooling light rain falling.

Rum Distillery

BULLET M2 HI POWER Ubiquiti Networks. 
Ricky from the Big Fish Restaurant in Prickly Bay Grenada  came aboard and installed the device once we had run the external antenna cable to the chart table and now we have a great internet signal.
Thank you DE BIG FISH!

Tomorrow we plan to start heading north up the island chain towards Florida.
Work Boat Races