Monday, 29 October 2012


Arrived into the town of  Toliara   23 22S   43 39E on the south west coast of Madagascar on Thursday 25thOctober after making our escape from Minorodo Bay 140NM further south. It got very rough in there and was predicted to get worse. Only two of the 7 boats left.. Taipan and a Brazilian boat. The rest have had an appalling time one boat was forced to leave because their anchor wouldn't hold and the others have been breaking gear and re anchoring constantly. Some are now trying to get to us, and others crossed the Mozambique Channel to the northern Mozambique anchorage at Ihnambane. Glad we left when we did!! 

This place is hell poor! Hardly any vehicles, dark skins and carts pulled by men for transport or bikes or bullock carts. They are real  beggars if you get out of the car so it is hard to get photos  except out the window at speed!!

Went up to Ilosa national park inside the country to see Lemur. Native to Madagascar only. Interesting country. Sandstone and bare. Lots of poor poor villages made of sticks. They all look healthy and fit though.
We stayed the night in small stone bungalows just outside the Park and it was cheep and cheerfully good bed shower and food. What more do you need. Lemurs were interesting... Bit like possums, with longer tails!

Hope to get something approximating a decent weather window to allow us to head to Mozambique on Monday or Tuesday. 

Some boats have been caught out there and have had a hell time. Knock downs, broken gear and very unpleasant not to mention...frightening! We will try to hop down the coast of Mozambique when the weather is reasonable, thus taking longer but not getting flogged hopefully! It's a bit like the south east coast of Australia....around from Melbourne.. Weather prediction is difficult due to the land mass of SA. So forecasting is only good for a couple of days.. Outside that it can change from the forecast dramatically  anyway enough weather!!

We are getting fuel and water here and in emergency we can restart the water maker. It is only 450nm to cross to Mozambique from here so only 3 days. Much more manageable. Other boats are now leaving Reunion with our course in mind to save themselves being caught in the sudden changes of forecast on on 12 to 14 day passage direct to SA.

No its a fluke...its a camelion.
Ilosa National Park
Photos from Madagascar