Friday, 26 October 2012


 23 22S 43 39E
Baraka in the anchorage at Minorodo. Begging in canoes
Minorodo 25 14 S  44 20E  was  a good stop but 5 days of constant canoes visiting to get stuff was enough. They only wanted to barter for a little while.. Then they just wanted hand outs. We ran out of nearly everything. The watermaker decided to quit too, with a failed bearing in the feed pump. So we are water challenged as well. Fuel! We decided we would like some more incase we get lucky and have to motor all the way accross the Mozambique channel! There were 7 yachts including Taipan sheltering when we finally decided to leave for all those reasons.
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We did get some good lobster and I bartered for one of their paddles which is a nice thing. The weather was getting stronger and the anchorage in south to south West is not very good shelter because the reef covers on high tide so the sea comes over if it's big.
Giant Painted Cray.

On Wednesday we abandoned the anchorage at Minorodo and headed north 140nm to Toliara. On the Madagascar coast. It was another boisterous sail but only 24 hours and we were back inside with a lot more shelter.  

Now it's Friday and we are securely tied up to a large fishing boat with our friends on Matajusi, Brazilians, tied to us. We have a 24 hour watchman for about 10$ per day and we plan to go to the Isalo National Park tomorrow for a night and 2 days. We have to wait for the weather to improve before we are prepared to move further west towards Mozambique.  We will go west then try to hop down the coast in shorter legs in settled weather when the opportunity presents

Boats out on passage between Reunion and Richards Bay are having an atrocious time. Knock downs and damage. Not to even mention the discomfort and stress! The opportunities to enter the coastal ports on Africa without strong conditions have been very limited.
Very glad we took the option to sit it out at Madagascar.
More news in a few days when we have had our inland adventure!

This is a typical coastal trader. NO engine!