Sunday, 19 August 2012


Taipan relic for the shed constructed from beach rubbish and aluminum cans.
Don, Kia and Narelle. Fabulous friends old and new in Cocos

After two lovely weeks resting in Cocos Keeling and anticipating the next leg to Rodriquez and Mauritius its things outside our control taking charge again.
Kris has gone back to Australia to help her folks through a difficult period with medical problems and illness. Jon Choat from Tweed, a long time friend has flown into Cocos to help David with the delivery to Mauritius.
MO! on ya mate .
 David and Jon left Cocos today, Sunday 19th August. They were delayed nearly a week as we waited for  the medical diagnosis and prognosis that would determine which direction to take. Back to Thailand to start again next year, or on to Mauritius, where the cyclone season will have a serious impact on forward planning.

Its 2300nm to Mauritius and they expect the trip to be fast but uncomfortable. They will stop at Rodriquez about 2000nm away en route. 6 boats will leave Cocos during a 24 hour period so they should have good radio contact to break the boredom and inspire the effort.

Beach side at Direction Island. The orange thing is a life boat from the supply vessel.
Before leaving, David and Jon had the usual minor repairs. The water maker  leak was fixed. The dreaded wind instrument caused no end of grief, and after 4 trips up the mast, the project was abandoned. The wiring in the mast conduit is just too tightly packed so now not only the wind instrument dosn't work but nor does the mast head anchor light. Grrr. The problem was not with the equipment, but the wiring we discovered, after pulling half of it out to find the cause just up from the base inside the mast. The mast was out only 3 months ago and in order to rectify the problem would need to come out again. Not a job to be undertaken lightly! Certainly not in Cocos. The new wind instrument has been installed on the Radar tower and will be fine downwind! Well its really the only way to sail anyway! isnt it??
Beautiful Mural at the school on Home island.

Back in Australia, Kris is acting weather man. With the new sat phone installed aboard and working its easier to communicate weather information directly. The satellite phone installation really needs a fixed external antenna as it has difficulty locating satellites with the small button antenna. Never the less its more effective than the HF in the Indian Ocean.

Farewell Cocos Keeling and all our good friends old and new. Onward and westward.  

Home Island Street. Cocos Keeling.