Saturday, 25 August 2012


From David and Jon aboard Taipan between Cocos and Mauritius

24th Aug
800 nm from Cocos. 1200nm from Mauritius. "seas are a bit flatter a bit more comfortable. We had shepherds pie last night the virtual turkey was quite enough. Having trouble with the Sat Phone getting and holding a signal with the rolling ride.
Thinking about spinnaker again the next boat, Contrails is catching up a little so either spinaker or south to get sail working better.
Reading kindle need stronger glasses at night otherwise good stuff"

25th Aug
16'08"S 081.30E speed 7.5 wind10K ESE sea 1.5m
"Very hard to login to satphone service mostly half connects charges time then drops out, often when80% complete!
Bit tied doing 4 hour watches, do a reef over night, shake it out in morning Didnt do kite again tooooo much effort required just to sit on the edge of your seat.
Tuna last night ..good +small glass wine each
We did 98.5nm for the 12 hours to 1900 wind at 12-15k @ 90' regularly doing 180nm/day
Just had a little blow + rain to wash salt off
Radio reception very poor this am could only raise Jargo 200miles back
Kindle still good.
Past the half way mark now"

26th August
16'59"S 077'50"E speed 7.0K wind 10K ESE sea1.5m @1500
1155NM from Cocos

"Finally got kite up seas are a bit of a challenge
Still eating plenty. 3 meals left Jons cooking today lasagna for tea. Just making my 3rd loaf of bread move over KA i'm comin thru in the bread making dept. Sorry other dept coming delayed a little
Weve got classic music screaming, violins and female opera going flat strap. OK though
Is there any whole corn pepper around? Ran out of black pepper (and salt)
We both look a bit agricultural. No shaving
Radio propagation crap but Dave & Bill are 200nm+ back
Kites a bit scary gota go."

 27th August 2012
17'39"S 074'41"E speed 7.5K wind 15SE sea 2m 1700 27/8
672 NM to Rodreguiz 
Just a quick hi. good kite run yesterday too windy today. 3 nights to go

28th August  
We have 500nm to go.Sea OK
Last night bit windy 23-25K sea up a bit.
Boat still going well, no new leaks.
Genset going well.
Making water now still slow??
Radio contact bit scratchy. Fleet 300nm front to back Going to try Peri Peri net tonight. Contrails (next boat back) is about 35nm NE of us.
Making buns for steak sammy or beef pattie
 (Does this mean they are making buns from SCRATCH!!!)
18'00.75S 072'24.2E speed 7.0K wind 10/12K sea 1m

29th August
383NM to Rodriguez
18'31"S 70'02"E speed 6.0k wind 8/10sse sea less than 1m
We are slower than the second coming this past 24h. Wind 8-11kn, sails flapping!
Buns turned out OK  so we had a nice steak in a bun with onion, carrot & cabbage on the side. Jon was cook I had a RDO
Morning radio shit again. Could only hear Contrails (about 30nm away). Last night reception was ok.
Jon waiting for email from Pam.  Erica's new baby girl. Jon waiting for baby name!!
Yes we need a satphone aerial
I'm cooking today its gunna be ham an bread roll lunch. Dinner is shepherds pie & peas cabbage carrots.. What not cabbage & carrots again!
Thats it from me for today 

 30th August
19'07"S 66'49"E speed7.0k wnd 12-22k ESE sea1.5m @1100
Wot ya doin ...... dont tell me!
 I don't know wots worse being in rolly sloppy seas or granny siting... Jon says give him sloppy seas any day.
4 ships last 12 hours a is change from sea bird. Not even porpoises. One ship passed 200m in front I had contacted them and agreed starboard to starboard pass. Its bows were burying themselves deep into the sea and they were only doing 11 knots. We were doing 8s & 9s ROUGH!
Should be in tomorrow about 4pm Cocos Time. 5.30pm your time (Marsian time 1.30pm)
We will have to pull our finger out as we still have 190nm to go at average of 7kn
Contrails passed us last night they "had everything up" the day before we only 10k of wind they took 20nm off our lead they must have averaged 7.5nm  to do it (we battled to ave 6nm)
Jons cooking last meal of fish mornay with f......g cabbage and carrot!
 Whats with all those f.....g cabbage and carrots and trying to piss into that moving dunny
its getting quite cool at nights so borrowed your red jacket thing its cumffy
Ok we gotta pole out the furler so see you

 31st August
"19' 31"S 64'16"E speed 7.5k wind SE12/15k sea1.5m @1.30UTC
We are only 50nm out should get there at 1500 It will be good to have a proper sleep. Fast ride last night. Full moon, LOUD classical music..violin. Looked a some of the movies on the Samsung, their are some interesting ones.
Your food all gone bugger! But my bread is awesome, not really, but better than none.
Last night I was sitting on the low side listening to Gqura....(The blind aboriginal signer) water was racing past at about 20km/hr only a metre away. I could see forever in the moonligh,t it was magic. I wished you were here seeing that.
The sun came up at 8.15am, thats our shift change, 4 on, 4off. A bit too early for beakfast. Local time is 5.30.
I might be able to skype you later today..fingers crossed.
Im cook today so I'm doing bacon and eggs in walnut toast.  Lunch will be your beef patties in my fresh bun NO F.......N CABBAGE OR CARROTS"