Tuesday, 18 January 2011


55 Duong Thann St Kiem District. In the Old Town area.
We should have been warned when the prearranged driver meeting us all at the airport didn't show up. We got de-donged the first time and only time getting from the airport to this hotel. Magics arrived after us and only stayed one night; we should have taken a leaf out of their book then too. Over the few days we stayed various little things bugged us like the lift being very inconsistent and mostly not  working. It matters when you are on the 5th  floor! The rooms were freezing and the reverse cycle air-conditioning was hopeless. Bathrooms were, in hindsight again, the worst ones we stayed in. But this was our first hotel experience in Vietnam. When we went to check out at about 10pm on the last evening it all went pear shaped. The US dollars we put on the counter mysteriously disappeared while the desk clerk was arguing the US dollar rate with us and trying to charge VAT which we had been quoted as "included" (and which Magics were not asked to pay). Eventually we went up to bed and set them to work looking for the missing money. There were 3 guys hanging about the desk while the transaction was taking place. At 5 am we caught a taxi pre ordered by the hotel. We fare welled the staff assuming the money had been located and the bill sorted. NO! 5 minutes later as the 6 of us  were on our way to the airport the taxi phone rang and he was instructed to return us to the hotel. At this point we had no option but to pay the hotel again or miss 6 flights arguing! There is not doubt that someone pocketed the money at the desk. We only had a very limited  UD$'s on us so there could be no mistake. Give Nam Hai Hotel a big miss!

Magics moved to ROSE HOTEL, was excellent. . Tel. +84 438286779. Mob. +84903442180. In front of the HanDa Market and beside the Hong Ha Theater and next door but one or two from Nam Hai.