Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Brunei. Oil wealth. Expensive. 

Chris and Daun outside the Shopping Mall in SBS

Well they do a great Xmas lunch at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club. 

All the Santas at the Royal Brunei Yacht Club

The clearing in and out exercise is very frustrating and expensive for Asia. Ausies get to part with $20A each because they are unhappy with Australia for banning the Sultans brother from flying direct to his cattle property in the north of Oz without clearance!!! Seems a little petty!
Any way we spent several hours clearing in and then enjoyed the Xmas lunch. Went up river to the inner RBYC but after the anchor winch decided to go on strike again we decided to get on the way to Labuan so left today. Again it was a lengthy and frustrating clearance procedure. Probably wont bother the officials at Brunei again!

Christmas capers on More Magic.

Royal Brunei Yacht Club. City

Made the Labuan Marina around mid day after a slow but eventful sail. We saw a WHALE!...Joan spotted it and although we thought it was probably a log we humored her and went for a closer look!. And it truly ruley was a real live whale!!...it "blew" several times and finally dived. We were totally amazed!. The marina manager has since told us they do get whales here. Not sure what type it was yet.

Tomorrow we will head towards Kota Kinabalu and New Year.
More Magic and crew are headed back towards Miri to pick up No. ! son so we will catch up again later. Thanks for a great Xmas guys!!