Tuesday, 16 November 2010


The alternator needed to be checked in Penang.
We arrived from Pisang Island into Singapore's One15 Marina on Sentosa Island at the south end of Singapore on Sunday having negotiated persistent heavy rain with thunder and lots of lightening. Thankfully the radar worked well and we managed to navigate our way through the giant ships coming and going. The visibility was appalling. Check In at the western quarantine anchorage was pretty speedy and we were safely tied up by 4pm.

After leaving Langkawi we took a fairly leisurely pace to Singapore, only day sailing and anchoring at night.  

Our first stop was Penang. We didn't go into the Tanjong City Marina this time, instead we anchored off, just south of the ferry dock. This proved simple and convenient with the facility at the marina to leave the dingy, negotiating the ferries was easy and the peace and quiet of the anchorage is preferable to that noisy smelly marina.

At Pankor Island and we were surprised to find a burnt out navy ship aground on a bank in the middle of the channel.

We stopped in Port Dickson for 3 nights to go over to Seramban to pick up ropes from a rope manufacturer there. www.cordage.com.my  Its a big manufacturing enterprise with high quality line at affordable prices. Ben, the owner, was exceedingly hospitable and we had lunch and a guided tour over his two factories. The new building is being finished preparatory to the move later this month. This little adventure took us most of the day.

We had a small maintenance issue at the top of the mast so David had to go aloft to attend to it. We ran a spare main halyard to ensure we have a backup.

Singapore is clean and busy as usual however there is a public holiday tomorrow, Wednesday, so that will slow down our jobs. Its was great to catch up with Crystal Blues for a good old  tuaking with dinner on our first night in! I have just  returned from the hair dresser with a whole new look. Brunette!!...heee hee..no pictures! 

There are some battery irregularities David is trouble-shooting here. So far he has discovered 2 of our 8 our AGM 100AH Trojans have failed. One is hot with an internal short. The other one is not holding its power and is unstable. This is a disappointing performance in a 3 year old battery.
Next stop Borneo.