Saturday, 30 October 2010

LANGKAWI 28th October.2010

We didn't manage to get out of the Yacht Haven Marina till Tuesday and went straight to Phi Phi Don. Had a good sail but not fast enough to catch a fish. Wednesday morning  as we sailed out towards Rok Nok hoping for a snorkel, we looked back towards Phi Phi Lei to see this amazing water spout. The weather got stronger and wetter. We dodged lots of heavy showers with the aid of the new Radar but eventually had to sail through a big band of rain or take a long detour with no guarantee of avoiding it. The rain was so heavy the visibility was down to about 200m and with the Thai trawlers working in pairs its not comfortable when you cant see them. And we still don't know the new Radar well enough.

Just as we were hitting 8 and 9 kn the inevitable happened. Caught a fish! Fortunately a small enough one to land into the cockpit over the stern. A nice Dorado fish, or Mahi Mahi. We normally land fish on the deck on the side which necessitates getting the rod and line outside everything and up forward. Can be tricky in rough conditions.

We arrived at Rok Nok in clear but overcast conditions, picked up a sheltered mooring and set off for a snorkel. Not disappointed again. The reef is ordinary in the channel but the fish are prolific and varied.

Thursday was pleasant sailing and motor sailing to Telaga. We had just dropped the pic when we had a surprise visit from Carl and Kathleen off Silver Fin. A very pleasant and much welcome surprise lead to a good night aboard and lots to reminisce about.

We have heard there is some severe weather approaching so have decided to sit it out at Rebak and catch up with a few friends. Halloween Party tonight then we will see what the weather is dishing up before deciding whether or not to leave to head on south.