Tuesday, 9 September 2008


Tioman Island.
Taipan arrived from Sebana Cove where we cleared in from Singapore on the 13th of July. Had a fabulous sail from Singapore with the kite up for a lot of the time. Best visibility we have had for a very long time.

This new marina although very small, is new, clean and the amenities are in place but not yet open. The power is still free and the water is 10MR per month or any part thereof.

We had time to do a lot of the little non urgent jobs which we have been putting off for ages. New Icom 710 is installed and working fine with two computers now set up to handle it. Computers have had a big clean up and one has been totally reformatted and reloaded. Both outboard engines have had repairs and service. Engine service was due and has been done.

Our trusty old Hoover Twin Tub which has served us well for the past 4 years has jumped ship and is now in semi retirement on the dock at Tioman ready and willing to serve the weary yachtie women..and men if they want.

Lighting is being upgraded with a new light being installed in the fridge...easier to find the beer! The bilge drainage system has been modified and should be a lot more efficient with only 1 pump having the bulk of the load. We have 2 other pumps in reserve. A new tap has been installed in the aft head with a shower head ready for the big bathroom refit in November.

We caught the ferry to Mersing where we purchased a Sierra Wireless Aircard 875u and an internet service connection with Celcom. It has proved very reliable and we have had effective email and internet almost without interruption all the way up the coast.

We decided not to go to Borneo this season but to head further north to explore the Islands on the east coast of the Peninsular. So it was a big farewell to Egress ll heading to Miri and then onward to Australia next season and to Synergy still holding the couch down in Tioman!

Taipan off north to pick up friends from Australia arriving in Terengganu on the 16th of August for 3 weeks.