Friday, 4 July 2008


Phuket is our favorite spot but the weather, at this time of the year, leaves a lot to be desired so we have been forced to migrate south. This annual migration usually commences long before Taipan gets under way.

Returning from the Andaman Islands in April several things conspired to keep us at the wonderful Yacht Haven where we based ourselves again to install the new aluminum 250lt diesel tank built for us by Luck Engineering. This took several weeks to install and works perfectly increasing our motoring range, in this windless part of the world, to 1000NM. We spent a week in Nick and Zara's fabulous new home ....with aircon and a pool.... being pampered by Munchie Cat and me doing some running repairs to some of Taipan's canvas covers.

Chris a friend from Australia came to visit for a week and celebrated his 60th with us so we took the opportunity to take a break in beautiful Phang Nga Bay exploring yet more of the stunning limestone cast formations.

With so many great friends at Yacht Haven we find it hard to leave and wishing to spend David's 61st Birthday on the 18th of May in their company our departure was again delayed. The oysters are also irresistible.

Having recovered from the birthday celebrations, Thursday 22nd May( Savannaha's 1st Birthday) sees final tearful farewells as we slip the lines and drift off down the channel in gorgeous sunshine to Ko Nakka Noi. 

23rd a great sailing day and a nice Spanish Mackrel in the bag provides fresh fish for the rest of the trip.Ko Ngai then Taratao and into Rebak Marina Langkawi and reunion with old sailing buddies Chris and Daun in the new More Magic.

Celebrations all round and then into serious work again. Haulout for a cutlass bearing replacement. Should have done that last November when we hauled out. some things just get forgotten till you start the motor again and that dreaded rattle starts a rattling! While we are out David repositions an earth plate to use as the Antenna Tuner earth on the radio. The rudder stock just dosnt cut it! 5 nights on the hard is sime sort of record for us.

Relaunched on the 31st of May and ready for the next leg of the migration south.
It takes till the 9th of June to drag ourselves off to Penang with a boat full of duty free fuel for the boat and vino for the crew.
Penang. A great city full of gorgeous food and art. Visited all our favorite haunts for some culinary adventures and to catch a few old friends. 5 nights sees the trip to the dentist and a few routine medical matters attended to and we are off south again.

Port Dixons Admiral Marina is a good stop over for a trip to Kuala Lumpur. Several buses and trains and most of the day but very easy and comfortable. 3 Nights in PD and south again to Singapore. Two overnight anchorages and into One 15 Marina on Mon 23rd June. Most of the trip was in pleasant if light weather. Anchorages were all good and Taipan's new cutlass bearing has never been quieter.

Singapore is still busy, noisy and the people are self absorbed and don't make contact readily. There are some good services and suppliers here but as a general rule it is very expensive.

We have bought and installed a new front loading automatic washing machine and it also doubles as a television!!

A new Icom M710 has replaced our trusty SEA222 HF Radio and has taken up even more room in the nav station than the old one!. It seems to work well and I'm sure we will come to love it.!! Marc from Pactor Australia has been a huge help and a great resource once again in setting it all up and helping with hard to obtain cables and software. Thank you Marc Robinson! Contact or Ph +61 230114928.We found a very competent company in Singapore for the repair of Inverters and Battery Chargers. Continental Electronic Enterpirse in the basement of Sim Lim Tower. They have been truly excellent.

Next stop is Sebana Cove, Malaysia, South East; to clear in and await the arrival of a new #G modem for internet access aboard (see Crystal Blues website in our Favourites) then off to the Tioman Islands en route to Borneo.