Friday, 12 October 2007


We are in and what a welcome sound it is. Three weeks on the hard stand at Rebak Marina and Taipan has emerged free of old anti foul and of most of the dodgy paintwork done on the underside in Fremantle in 2004. Hopefully we wont be plagued with vast sheets of shedding anti foul and primer next time we haul out. New black anti-foul and a smart new red line on the black boot stripe to smarten her up.

 A relaxed day in the beautiful pool here at the Marina and a day eating and shopping in Kuah and we are feeling nearly human again. Still some tidying up and aesthetic stuff to do however it will be a softly softly approach over the next few months.

Now in a pen with Internet on board so happy me! Next instalment will be from Penang where we plan to renew our visas for Thailand before returning.