Friday, 28 September 2007

HARD WORK REBAK. September 2007

Well its Friday the 28th of September and yes we are still on the hard. The "hard" hard work has been completed and its all down hill from here we hope! The anti foul had to be removed back to the hull including primer as the job originally done in Fremantle in 2002 was so substandard that every time we've hauled out since, large areas of anti foul and primer have fallen off. They don't of course fall off uniformly all over the boat so a considerable amount has had to be painstakingly scraped off using paint stripper. Not a pleasant pass time!

We have finally got some good staff from Hamid and the progress has been more rapid over the past couple of days. There is much preparation work including washing sanding and painting still to be completed but we are getting there.

Last evening we attended the monthly Pool Side Buffet provided by the Marina at 40 MR per head... that's about $15 AU. The tables were all beautifully decorated and there was endless fabulous food. We had saved up all day of course and had a thoroughly enjoyable night. Fantastic service, great live music, all very elegant.

Still no internet however the marina management is planning to upgrade this service to include wi-fi throughout the marina and a phone provider is erecting a tower here also so communication facilities are set to improve.