Tuesday, 13 September 2016


The forecast was only due to hold for two days so we made fast work of the trip to Poole and didn't do any exploring on the way from Dartmouth. Only an overnight anchorage in the big man made harbor at Portland.  
Rounding Portland Bill

Rounding Portland Bill Lighthouse is a trap for unwary sailors and we were warned about the strong current and whirlpools by another yacht which had the misfortune to loose a nice big RIB when it broke loose as it was being towed. The current runs up to 4 knots so getting the wind over current there can be pretty nasty. We had wind with current but both against us which slowed us down but was not unduly rough. We had also chosen a route well south of the worst of the tidal race. Weymouth looks like a nice stop but next time!
 Old Harry Rocks (Chalk.)
Once past Old Harry Rocks its a short sail up the dredged channel and into Poole.
The weather, as promised, turned horrid so we were forced to remain in the Pool Quay Boat Haven. Its won lots of awards but the reasons escape me.
Poole itself was something of a disappointment. The towns main pedestrian street is poorly represented and most of the shops appeared to be second hand places. Many were boarded up. We did find a fantastic Indian restaurant. The city itself was heavily bombed during the wars and most of its historic buildings have been demolished and replaced with 50's rubbish. An area out near the bay has reputedly some of the most expensive real estate outside London. There must be something here? Poole Pottery has a long history of designing and creating ceramics and clay is still exported from Poole's busy port.  There is a small museum in town with a good display and history of the Ceramics production.
Brownsea Castle.

Brownsea Island is in the care of the National Trust and has the largest population of rare red squirrels in England. And that's about it!
Repairs were delayed by weather. The clevis pins were waiting for us.
Hurst Castle. Heavily fortified installation at the entrance to the Solent
 After a 5 day delay, in beautiful sunshine, we managed to make a break for the Isle of Wight.
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