Friday, 23 September 2016

FAREWELL OL' ENGLAND. 23rd September.

Beachy Head Lighthouse.

Portsmouth faded into the quiet misty horizon as we dropped anchor on the  coast just to the west in flat calm conditions. Steering repair is good and after a restfull night at anchor we set of early for New Haven, skirting in close to the coast we were able to take in some of the coastal scenery. 
Brighton came and went with its amazing new 450 foot spire,  up which travels a pod offering 360 degree views. It looked gorgeous from the ocean and another place to go back for.
Check out that spire. The pod is near the bottom but goes all the way to the top!
The coast after New Haven and on towards Beachy Head was spectacular in the clear early morning light. The distances sometimes giving a painterly effect to the photos.

The history along this coast line is amazing and is matched by the majesty of the beautiful chalk cliffs. 

Beachy Head.
Bosham in west Sussex claims to be the site where King Canute set his throne by the sea and commanded the tide to halt, and when it didn't he hung up his crown saying. 'Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws.'"

Sailing on past Hastings where the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and the death of King Harold by an arrow in the eye, marked the end of Anglo Saxon rule over England. 

Then Dover and there's Richborough, the impressive ruins of the Roman Township mark the point from which the Romans launched their successful invasion of Britain in AD 43.

Eastbourne Pier.

During the afternoon we were shadowed by a Border Control Vessel for quite a while. Eventually they launched their big RIB and came over. Politely requesting permission to board they went on to check the interior of Taipan and then to ask a million questions. All of which we had answers to. Not always the right answers however. 

Hastings Fishing boats and the The East Hill Cliff Funicular Railway with original wooden coaches.

Border Force.
It seems we had once again been given conflicting information. In Ireland we were advised that it was not necessary to check into the UK as we were already in the EU and nothing further was required. Well even now we are not too clear but the Border Force officers were very helpful and smoothed the way to us having the "proper" paperwork. This was all achieved on-line after the guys went back to their office and set the ball rolling. We needed to complete a GMRC Form to comply with immigration rules in the UK. 
Contact the National Yachtline on 0845 7231110 and they can do both your Immigration and Customs checks. There's a website for information for cruising yachts is at Border Force UK

Look! No Guns!
In Dover we anchored and caught up with some friends from the ol' home town, visiting in the UK. Deb and Kevin had been tracking us. 

Next stop Ramsgate, a bit shabby and the worst Greek food ever. Nevertheless it offered a sheltered haven in some windy weather and we were grateful.
Dover Castle.

Next day with clear skies and barely a breeze to bless us, we nosed our way out of Ramsgate Marina  The forecast was going to hold for just another 2 days. Not long enough to get to Southwold and make it in over the treacherous bar to see some very old and dear friends. Yesterday we got a taste of what just 20+ knots against current in the channel can kick up, and being cruisers, and not in need of any excitement, we elected to pass on the forecast conditions and make a dash  across the 56 miles of English Chanel to Nieuwpoort Belgium while the going was good.

Farewell Ramsgate.
 So next stop Netherlands! 
More photos from the UK East Coast.