Wednesday, 13 July 2016


A new peninsular.

Such a lot to see and so little time. Our Azorean adventure is drawing to a close but not before we take a look at Faial. Volcanic in origin, as are the rest of the islands, this one has a recently active volcano with attendant lava fields and an amazing volcano museum. Situated at the far western end of the island is Capelinhos lighthouse, which was buried to above the second floor when a new vent spewed pyroclastic material and ash for several years during the 1950s. 

Another lighthouse falls victim to a massive earthquake
A small village was buried and several thousand people fled the country entirely. Migrating to America and Canada. The new museum is also buried, thus not impeding the spectacular view of the lighthouse and the new peninsular built by the latest activity. The island has also been subjected to multiple earthquakes during its history and the ruins of many buildings are a testament to their destructive capacity.

Towards the old Whaling Station
Faial is nevertheless a beautiful island with spectacular views in all directions and also decked in the blue hydrangeas for which the Azores are famous. 

Sao Jorge

As we near time to leave there is the provisioning and farewells to make. The Azores has lots of great wine and cheese at very good prices so the boat is full.

The dockside at Horta is renowned for its extensive artworks. The efforts of countless sailors arriving and leaving this port for many years. The huge harbor walls are decked in paintings. We set about creating a reminder of Taipans visit to Horta by first finding a vacant piece of wall and painting our own.

Ian and Lyn Balshaw of "Windward" joined us for a sail and sleep-over aboard to Sao Jorge. What a fun day in the beautiful sunshine. Farewell, new friends and the beautiful Azores.

More photos from Faial and Sao Jorge.