Tuesday, 31 May 2016


Today we received confirmation that the weather window has opened! We are going to leave beautiful Bermuda and head out again into the big blue briny. The total length of the passage to Flores is roughly 1700nm. Not a really long passage but we are expecting less predictability of the weather on this run. We hope to be in in less than 2 weeks. It will of course all  be in the hands of the weather gods. Check out our track on the link to follow our progress. The Iridium Go also enables us to Facebook and post to this blog which we will do if there is anything interesting to report.
Royal Naval Dockyard.
A very small piece of Grahame Fosters amazing mural in the Museum.

Bermuda has been a great stopover and we have languished here for nearly 3 weeks enjoying the sights.  We sailed the 17nm down to Hamilton, the capital, and explored the sights for a week. There is plenty to see and do in this delightful small city.

The Anglican Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.
There are a number of impressive Churches, parks and Historic buildings within easy walk of the waterfront. 

Bermuda Day, a national holiday came and went amidst much frivolity and fervor. The whole island population seemed to be in attendance. Streets were lined with revelers.

Small boat house.

The Royal Naval Dockyard, site of the next Americas Cup and the cruise ship terminal was an entire day outing. There has been a huge effort to restore the old Fort and the National Museum before the Cup.  We caught several glimpses of the Cup contenders practicing in the bay and enjoyed beautiful anchorages in the "lakes" area just off Hamilton. The Cruising brochures could have been filmed here.
One of many beautiful secluded anchorages. Hawkins Isl.
 So now its time to move on. Next adventure beckons.

For more photos from Bermuda click this link.