Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Shroud Cay
Georgetown. There are 260 boats anchored here as of this mornings tally. As far as we can ascertain we are the only Australian boat.! Imoogi, with its new Australian owners Dean and Sally from Brisbane, left yesterday. Our quiet BBQ will be postponed until our English friends Barry and Lindy on Samarang, an Australian yacht, can join us. So its a quiet day here catching up on blog and fixing stuff! Normal day really.

Waderick Wells. Exhuma Land and Sea Park
The Furuno is still defunct. The water maker was leaking and has taken several days to fix. The weather is awful today but we cant complain as we have had some really nice days and good sailing to get here.

Rock sound at the southern end of Eluthera was a neat little spot with a good grocery and nice anchorage. Sadly we fare welled Jo and Paddy from here. They caught a flight to Nassau and returned to Cuba to continue their adventures.

Sailing from Eluthera to Highbourn Cay was fantastic but on entering the narrow and tricky channel the throttle quit! We had to rapidly deploy the head sail to get to a suitable place to drop the pick and repair. Lucky the wind was right. After discovering that the cable had just come loose we were able to re anchor in sheltered water.
At Big Major Spot a family of pigs will swim out for food.
Several short day sails south and we arrived in the Exhuma Land and Sea Park. There are some spectacular anchorages along this island chain in absolutely gin clear water. Shroud Island has some neat dingy trips up the mangrove creeks to the ocean side. No crocs!. Big Major Spot, near Stanley Cay, has a resident population of pigs which have learned to swim out to the dinghies to be fed. Cute.

Its come to my attention that since last year, when we were trawling the net for info on the subject of Foreign Flagged Pleasure boats arrival procedures into the USA, the CBP have put up a new web site which is quite explanatory.