Saturday, 16 August 2014


Side trips during our search for a second hand car have been varied but a highlight was definitely a visit to Clarks Fish Camp Seafood Restaurant. Friends, Cindy and Bob who live on a houseboat in the marina, took us down to dinner at this amazing place. It's is absolutely chocked to the rafters with stuffed animals! Every sort of stuffed animal! Even a kangaroo! Apparently they are mostly donated. the food was sensational and the setting, right on the water, is lovely. If you ever get to Jacksonville don't miss it. We had a fabulous evening in great company.

St Augustine is a major center not far south of Jacksonville and is the oldest continuously occupied European-established settlement and port in the continental USA. Founded in September 1565 by Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles., and subsequently served as the capital of Spanish Florida for two hundred years.Amongst its many historical attractions is an old fort, some amazing old public buildings and some lovely traditional southern homes. We spent some time in the Lightner Museum and enjoyed the historic precinct.

Lightner Museum St Augustine
Observations since arriving in the USA. Things we have most noticed here is the prevalence of legal practices and Churches.  There seems to be one at least on every corner, and huge billboards urging people to take legal action for mostly car injuries. There are churches of every denomination and many I've never heard of! 

We have also had to learn to drive on the wrong side of the road! There have been a few hairy moments but I won't comment because as of this moment I still have not plucked up the courage to give it a go!  Cars here are BIG! There are of course normal size cars but the big ones are really BIG! Likewise the freeways are great knotted, convoluted concrete mazes. Lucky we don't have deadlines because we got in the wrong lane many times and ended up somewhere else! Thankfully the Maps on the iPad mostly saved the day. The other thing is these big cars drive FAST! There are speed limits but no one seems to take any notice. Thankfully the traffic isn't as congested as Perth. Most drivers are more polite too.

Architecturally I am hoping to see some improvement. There are many lovely old Southern style timber homes set amongst ancient Oaks draped in Spanish Moss. Real picture book stuff. I am yet so see however any modern or innovative homes anywhere! Not one! Tradition seems to rule. The use of vast expanses of glazing appears not in any housing! Likewise food. There is plenty of it and it's tasty but again terribly traditional! Maybe is a southern thing!

More images from Jacksonville and St Augustine.