Friday, 10 January 2014


Sunset from the anchorage.

We arrived at the island anchorage at about 600pm yesterday afternoon and almost immediately Phil from Jigsaw came over all prepared with tools and between David and he, they had the pole cut down and re riveted ready for action within an hour. Phil is a very experienced boat builder having built 19 boats and Phil and Fay are on their 3rd circumnavigation. We were extremely appreciative of their generosity in staying to wait for us in this abysmal place. The anchorage has a 3M+ swell running across it and its alarming to watch the waves develop into huge greenbacks which throw themselves 50 M up the cliffs about half a mile ashore of us.

After fixing our pole we were invited aboard their lovely boat for an amazing dinner complete with ice cream!!. Another great night was had together. 
David and Phil fixing the pole

This morning Phil again arrived with a dive tank and hoses to blow out the dust which seems to build up in the condenser plates of the fridge and freezer. The warmer weather forces them to work hard. 
We are about to leave again. 

The rumors about check in price are true! Two of the crew on a small Cat near us went ashore without clearing in and the whole crew were immediately visited by the police and requested to come in and clear in with the authorities.

Jigwaw was here longer and were not approached. We haven't been approached either. It would seem its ok to anchor but do not go ashore unless you intend to clear in.

One of the worst anchorages ever! Patong at New Year can be worse!
Ok back to the high seas and a bit of sailing!

We love the new shorter pole! We should have shortened it years ago!

Finally after diverting all over the Atlantic we found a sea mount with a fish on it! Snared a yellow fin tuna about 600mm minus a bite from a competitor as we bought it in. All in the fridge and a nice sushi and sashemi dinner. 

Had a light wind day Sunday after a brisk 20KN around dawn. Looking light weather for next few days.