Thursday, 14 November 2013


We spent the first night out, at Dassen Island which is only 40 NM North of Cape Towns so the first day was an easy run of just over 40nm.

As we left Dassen Island on Tuesday morning we sailed into a big pod of whales. There were about 100 or so Hump Backs and Southern Rights. Very impressive sight. 

Just a few of the biggest pod of whales we've ever seen.

The wind picked up until we had 25 KN on the nose and were reefed down to just the staysail and 2 reefs in the main. It wasn't looking good. These conditions lasted about 4 hours and then gradually subsided to pleasant 10 to 15 on the beam and that has pretty much how its been ever since although we have had down to just 6 knots at times. We are certainly not breaking any speed records and still have 420nm to Walvis Bay at 5am Thursday.

There have been heavy fog warnings for the entire west coast for the last couple of mornings so we went well off shore. We are currently 70NM off.

We have had the inevitable little annoyances. Auto Pilot 1 is totally on strike and Auto Pilot 2 is mutinying!! It seems that with three crew the pilot believes it should have a break down.

1pm Thursday. We have had the motor on since 6am. No wind. Sunny day, no fog so all well.