Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Yesterday we grabbed an opportunity to go south again to Cape Town. 

Sad farewell to all our good mates at YACHTPORTSA. Cindy, Glen and Nat and Ivy and the crew at Saldanha Bay Yacht Club and of course Manolo our good friend and engineer. 

After a 5am start, we managed to make it out of the harbour entrance just after 7am. Yes you guessed it.... FOG. beautiful when we set out but before we got the the first markers we were in fog and awaiting the appearance of an ore carrier and pilot boat. They both appeared on the AIS so we watched carefully and eventually they emerged through the gloom. They were the last vessels we spotted for the trip. 
Swell was about 4M  and wind built to 25KN by the time we hauled the main down in the lee of the Cape Town harbour wall. Following wind made it as pleasant as it was going to get at this time of year but...FREEZING!.... At 4pm we were mighty pleased to arrive in the V&A Marina once again and warm up. 
What plans....?? I can find a few little things to keep the captain busy till the weather warms up... they keep promising us it WILL warm up!.