Sunday, 14 July 2013


We have decided the rush is off, because its so late now, that racing to the UK for winter doesn't seem like a fun option, so we are plodding along with a few projects which have been begging attention. 
We relaunched without incident after a week on the hardstand, and the new shaft, cutlass bearing and flexible coupling seem to function OK. No funny noises and no leaks. I guess thats the most you can hope for prior to a sea trial.

The mast project is waiting for a small welding repair job, the spreader lights are held up in customs some where. The new LED anchor light is installed. All the wires are in and the fog horn is installed. Trevor has almost finished replacing standing rigging and mast tune.
Our new sail arrived and is on the boom but we found a crack in the goose neck fitting which attaches the boom to the mast, so we cant test the sail until we get that repaired. We will also get a new fitting made and keep the repaired one as a spare. Lucky we didnt go to sea like that!

The 4 burner gas stove, oven and grill, has been in bits and the barista come stove mechanic has seen to its much improved operation. A good clean of all the jets etc. Most things just require taking apart, cleaning and putting back together to make them work correctly. This was the case with the stove. 

A fuel tank has been weeping for a while and we decided to get that out and clean it up to find the leak. Its aluminum, 4mm, and has been in Taipan since 1987. Well its a good leak. About 10mm when all the crud was cleaned off. So that will be patched and the tank coated with bitumastic or coal tar epoxy to help prevent further corrosion.  Fortunatly our tanks are very easy to get to and remove. While the tank is out David has been making good the area it inhabited. Tanks are cruddy things and good clean of the area and some new insulation and wiring was done while its easy to get at. Tank is on the dock awaiting the welder.

Seems its been welding week. Goose-neck, spinnaker halyard plate on mast top and fuel tank. Hope thats the end of it.

The insulation project is completed and we managed to put away over 9sq M of foam. The front cabin is now habitable again. We have noticed that all the local boats use and recommend a dehumidifier. We may have to look into that for the future. Even though its cold here it is also very humid. Stuff drips!

On Tuesday we had a day out driving with Ivy, the wonderful manager of the Saldanha Bay Yacht Club. We got the grand tour of the area, starting with a drive over to Paternoster for a walk round this quaint town, and lunch on the beach at Voorstrandt Resturant. It was a fabulous day and being school holidays here there was plenty of activity. Lots of families enjoying the sunshine and beach. Some were even swimming! The water is 9 degrees!!

Later in the afternoon we drove down to Langerbaan on the lagoon. Its a 17km waterway, quite shallow, surrounded by national park and Military base. Beautiful setting and some nice anchorages we are told. It was good to see it from the land as we are considering taking a sail down that way to test run all the changes / improvements we have made before we decide whether to head off to Namibia of back to Cape Town. We possibly have to return to Cape Town to clear out of the country. It was a wonderful day out and Ivy should be declared a national treasure!
Saldahna Picz