Monday, 17 June 2013


Its been up and down this week with both of us working muscles which were hitherto forgotten. David has been up to the top of the mast 4 times  and I have been acting winch wench.

20m to the water

We sourced some wire for the job and commenced by pulling all the existing wires out with mouse lines attached. The final cable was the big VHF cable to the top which, although fine and dandy, we needed to pull it out to take two mouse lines to the top because there were two wires which had parted company and fallen down the mast outside the conduit and caused a big snarl inside. After removal of that final cable we were able to disentangle and remove the two broken wires. This marked the turning point of the project.
We have today reinstalled the VHF antenna and cable and reconnected it. The Raymarine wind instrument is in position and connected to its wire at the top. All the rivets were pretty dodgy so they have all been replaced and the mast head is now secure and only waiting for a suitable LED mast head light.

The steaming light is reinstalled and wired with a new LED globe replacing the old incandescent.
SA cook up

Two deck lights and a fog horn are yet to be installed. The wires need to be run and LED deck lights need to be sourced.
Wednesday we were taken to Busmanland Restaurant in Langerbaan, by the marina staff for a traditional South African cook up dinner. What a huge feast! Great fun company.
On Friday we hired a car and in dismal weather, drove the 134km to Cape Town to do business with the Immigration Officials. It was too easy. We were stamped back in for another 90 days. That takes us to the 12th of September. I hope it wont take us that long to get these jobs done.We hit the shops!. Yes you guessed it... chandlers!  New bits for various projects in the pipeline. 
We believe we have located a machine shop where they can finish machining our Prop Shaft overnight  if we drive down early one day and stay over. We hope to be able to take it back with us the following day. That will be our major "on the hard" job.
Sail? Did I hear you ask? We hope to have it this week. Its a short week here with a public holiday today. Monday. 

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