Sunday, 14 April 2013


Anchorage at East London. Buffalo River Yacht Club and Moorings.
Departed  Richards Bay Friday 5th April at 4.30 pm, bound as far as we could go in the available weather. Slow start as we tried to work the legendary current. Went 20 miles out to find it but during the night a squall and wind change forced us inshore again. We found good current only about 8 to 10 miles off. As we approached East London on Sunday night the weather advice was that we should pull in and await a better forecast which is what we did. No real mishaps except failing to remember the topping lift as we dropped the sail. Fortunately the vang held it together till we were able to salvage the situation. It was totally calm and the entry is very well marked and easy even at night. However when we arrived we had to anchor and the anchor windlass wasn't working so we hauled out the chain and secured it manually to be attended to in the morning. Perfect anchorage, not a single movement siring the night. The winch had to be removed, cleaned and electrics sprayed, there was a lot of crud dropped out of the motor and the main case which is powder-coated was very corroded. Alarming, as the winch was new from Hutton in Australia only 16 months earlier. It looks older than the one we changed out which lived and functioned there for twenty five years. What is it with new stuff?? It's expensive crap. Working again and back in we at least have a windlass again for how long?
Simple and effective little Pizza Oven
East London 33 1.42S  27 53.90E is a great little spot to hang on the pick. The Buffalo River Yacht Club functions several days a week with a great galley and very friendly members. Town is sprawling and you need a taxi to do stuff there. We really only needed fuel so it was just a quick run to the servo.
On Wednesday night they did a German pizza night, flam kookin was an approximation of the name we were given but it was the yummiest pizza. We stayed too late and partied too hard but really enjoyed the hospitality
Taxi number Eagles Taxi 083 980 4815,  079 913 2315

Can you smell something??
Thursday  11th we departed East London for as far as we can get again. Its 570 nm to Cape Town which is about 4 days sailing. First 12 hours we knocked over 95 nm but then the wind dropped and we were reduced to less than 6. We passed Port Elizabeth mid morning on Friday heading west.  Very little wind all day but there were Seals! I thought it was cold!
Anchored at Mossel Bay

On the 13th we decided to call into Mossel Bay and await a predicted blow. We have no harbors or shelter between here and False Bay nearly 200nm so better to stop and wait than play games with the gales of Cape of No Hope.
We are currently tied to a large concrete wharf with huge tyres as fenders...uuugh!! and the Pacific Gulls are looking at us like dinner!. There is a substantial sardine fleet here and they await the arrival of the boats in hordes!. Smell....did i mention the SMELL!
We have a few jobs we can do here while we wait for a decent weather window to carry on. David is trying to get the gen-set sewing! always repairs. 

RichardsBayToCapeTown Photos