Sunday, 10 June 2012


Pankor to Singapore was remarkably uneventful and leisurely. One stormy rough anchorage off Port Dixon otherwise pleasant. No rain during the day, only an occasional evening shower. We stopped in Danga Bay Marina and made the run to Singapore by bus on Saturday to spend the night with Rex and Susie Whistler aboard their beautiful boat, Ariel, at One 15 Marina. We had such a lovely time we stayed two nights. Returning to Taipan on Monday, we checked out on Tuesday and headed out to anchor ready for a quick getaway to Singapore on Wednesday. Such a fast run in to Singapore with great wind and current. Into One 15 Marina and secured by 1.30 pm, having first completed all the clearance formalities at Western Immigration anchorage.

 Wednesday and Thursday getting supplies and preparing to leave for Nongsa Point Indonesia. Planned departure Friday afternoon aborted due to inclement weather! Just as well because we had bananas on board and it was a Friday!!
Nongsa Point Marina Batam Indonesia
Saturday however was clearer and we made it out of One 15 to clear out by 12 mid day. There wasn't much shipping traffic and we had a pleasant if somewhat slow run to Nongsa Point Indonesia against the current a lot of the time.
The marina here is very nice. Pretty and clean. A busy resort forms the backdrop ashore with a nice pool and small shops. This morning we did a run on the shuttle bus... only on Friday Sat. and Sunday so that was the Mega Mall about 20 min away at Batam Centre. Its a very large and modern facility with an excellent supermarket. We got SIM cards for both the iPad and the Phon
We plan to leave tomorrow and start making our way south to Belitung where we will clear out.