Friday, 3 June 2011


Penang was a good stop over as usual and we treated ourselves to Sunday Breakfast at the Eastern and Oriental hotel. It was outstanding as usual. The Little Penang Street Market was in full swing when we emerged from breakfast and a pleasant hour wandering through the exhibits and displays eschewed. We were lucky to be here for the market as it is only on once a month. 

Huck bought a nice little video camera in the Duty Free. David and Shenka went out to the Barge to get Diesel. It is awkward to get fuel in Penang because the fuel stations wont let you fill Jerry Jugs at all without a letter or authority from the harbour master or customs or someone. Of course you need to know that before you rock up at the fuel station armed with loads of jerrys. It also cant happen on the weekend. Shenka was a huge help though and he also cooked for us all a wonderful Indian dinner aboard Blue Whale.
Headed into lake for a swim.
On Tuesday the 31st we headed out towards Langkawi. There was very little wind and we made it into Dayang Bunting at 4.30 in time for a swim in the lake.

Wednesday the 1st of June we headed into Rebak Marina. Hired a care and took Huck on a whirlwind tour of the Island including the cable car to the top of the mountain. We were lucky with the weather and managed a good panoramic view of the whole group.

On Friday the 3rd  Huck flew out to Perth. We were very sorry to see him go as usual. Thanks Huck.