Thursday, 7 October 2010


A foray out into Phang Nga Bay produced this little beauty for Jason between Kho Yai and Phi Phi Don.
Out of the marina on Thursday after a couple of days local fun. A day at Splash Jungle Water Park was a big success. Nai Yang Beach a pleasant stop.

First stop out of Yacht Haven about 2 hours at a small desert island..... well it was when we arrived for about 10 minutes..then the hordes of tour boats arrived and deposited hundreds of tourists for lunch and a swim. We left. We did give the prop a quick clean.

Phi Phi Don next stop. Overnight in relative peace considering the water traffic of long tail boats. Into shore for a saunter amongst the tourist shops and ice creams all round. Afternoon snorkeling and paddling in the Nick and Zara Kayak was a big success with everyone participating . Savannah on the kayak but all others swimming. Lots of fish to see and good sizes. Encouraging after our last snorkel here 2 years ago revealed very little.

Another night in the busy bay then off to Bamboo group 11nm north for snorkeling amongst splendid reef and great fish. A little inclement and deteriorating. Up anchor after lunch and head to Hen and Chicken. Phew the weather really deteriorating now. Gusts  up to 30+...hmmm... most traveled well and there was plenty to do, and we can give Ferne a Kwell tomorrow!

Persistent rain and squalls all night. Lots of wet washing. Covers working well though so OK out in cockpit. Hen and Chicken to Yacht Haven and the weather calmed down and we got to have a big "sail". No fish but very pleasant. Ferne enjoyed the Kwells!! Arrived back on Yacht Haven about 5.30 and got take out from Coconuts.

Monday rest day and Fantasea show for the evening. Great success too. even the buffet!

Tuesday is a frenetic drive around the island and concentrating on Patong. Cant really come to Phuket without visiting it at least once. So they did!. Shopping. and an early dinner at Coconuts again. Very yummy.

Airport by 6 AM Wednesday. This day went very wrong because after waiting in KL for 6 hours they discovered their Air Asia flight to Perth had been canceled so had a 14 hour wait at KL. Not fun with a 3 year old!

Well its Thursday afternoon and they are all safely home in Mount Barker WA after a 4 hour drive, a 5 hour flight, a 14 hour wait, and a 1 hour flight from Phuket!!!.
We were sorry to see them go and missing them all already